Global Voice,
Easily Scalable

Our software iPILOT™ offers a single pane of glass view and control of your entire global communications infrastructure. It provides a fast, reliable and scalable Platform used to provision, manage, and support your preferred Cloud Platform Provider network infrastructure.


Automated Management


iPILOT™ offers a single pane of glass view and control of your entire global communications infrastructure.


iPILOT™ simplifies the onboarding & tenant provisioning process into a single workflow that can be managed by non-technical personnel.


iPILOT™ reduces the time to market for Direct Routing customers to minutes, not months.



End-to-end communications management platform.

Number Activation/Administration
Tenant Configuration
Bulk Phone Number Assignment
MACD for Teams Voice​
Carrier Management
Phone Number Assignment



Full-service analytics and reporting features, including:

Quality of Service Reports
Call Logs
Call Data Records
Call Quality Dashboard
Error Status Reporting​



Versatile Disaster Plans with flexibility to mitigate multiple forms of outages for customers. Built in PBX Assessment tools to efficiently plan your migrations.

PBX Assessment
Disaster Planning
Account Provisioning Staging
Phone Number Self-Service Porting

Automated Device

One Stop Shop For All Your Endpoint Requirements.

Option To Use Your Existing Buying Relationships.

Lab Tested By NUWAVE.

Handsets, Headsets, and more

Meeting Room or Board Room Phones

Endpoint Devices & Web Cams

Microsoft Teams

Voice Management Solutions

Whether you are interested in Operator Connect, Direct Routing, or Microsoft’s Operator Connect Accelerator, get connected with the most intuitive, all-in-one solution for Microsoft Teams.

More Solutions

Additional Services & Solutions

Looking to add additional features and integrations? Look no further! iPILOT comes with readily enabled features such as SMS for Microsoft Teams and Compliance Call recording.

ZOOM Phone

Voice Management Solutions

Zoom Phone is here! Add Voice to your Zoom calls and get high quality voice service with the most advanced call management platform in the industry!

Carrier Solutions

Enhanced Voice Solutions for Carrier

Are you a carrier looking to enable Microsoft Teams or Zoom for your service? With iPILOT, we take care of the API integrations so you can focus on what matters: YOUR Customers. Learn more about what iPILOT can do below:

Webex Calling

Voice Management Solutions

Cisco and NUWAVE have partnered together to offer Cloud Connect for Webex Calling for our partners.

Delivering a strong Partner Program has always been difficult, historically, in the industry. iPILOT has allowed us to turn our VARs' voice practices into well-oiled machines, all while generating a sustainable MRC for our VARs.

- Aaron Barnes
CEO NTS Communications