Does iPILOT manage all the tenant configurations for Microsoft Teams Voice
Yes, provisioning for all required Teams Voice configurations is available and controllable inside iPILOT for full production end state.
Does iPILOT provide PBX management features like the on-premises solutions that are out there today?
Yes, iPILOT offers many PBX management features like call forwarding, international toggles, SMS, E911 and Dynamic 911, CNAM, Call forking, 4 digits dialing between legacy PBX and/or contact center agents just to name a few.
Can you handle device ordering and management in iPILOT?
Yes, iPILOT has an integrated procurement portion that enables distribution center API integration for an end-to-end ordering platform for any device.
Does iPilot have AD integration?

Yes, iPILOT offers integration with Microsoft Active Directory and can even be enabled for Multi-factor authentication as well.

Can iPILOT manage other carrier and operators that I bring with me?
Yes, iPILOT has a dedicated section for bring your own carrier FQDN and number management all within a single pane of glass.
Can iPILOT integrate with 3rd party tools and/or systems offered through other partners?
Yes, iPILOT has an ongoing roadmap of vendors and tool sets for market value or customer driven integrations.
How long does it take to turn up a customer from start to finish?
A customer POC can be turned up in under an hour, and full production can be rolled out as quickly as the customer desires. For example, 1000 seats can be deployed with voice in the same day. All iPILOT services are real-time and on-demand.