Operator Connect Accelerator

Microsoft's Operator Connect Accelerator through NUWAVE, allows any Microsoft approved Carrier/Operator/SI to quickly connect to Microsoft's Operator Connect service by bringing their own SIP trunks in order to easily deploy their Microsoft Teams Operator Connect offer.

By interfacing with the Microsoft Teams API infrastructure through iPILOT and acting as the “front end” for a partner’s network, NUWAVE does all the heavy lifting, essentially meshing the NUWAVE’s carrier grade redundant network with the partners’ for the most optimal routing and resilient delivery of services through Microsoft’s Operator Connect.

Become a Partner
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SYNTH Security

Simple Connection

Simple SIP trunk Connection

Seamless integration into Operator Connect

Geo-Redundant, carrier level service

Global connectivity & support

Accelerated Deployment of your Microsoft Teams Operator Connect offer

SYNTH Automation

Increase Revenue

Fully Self-Serve, automated platform

API Integrations and automated PowerShell

Zero-Touch, on-demand scaling

Deploy, Manage, Support OC partners and customers

Decreased Complexity -managed by non-technical personnel


Turnkey Solution

Expanded Market reach through Microsoft Teams Operator Connect ecosystem

Increased Revenue potential

Increased Profit margins and profitability within traditional markets (i.e., Enterprise)

Expanded Reach through other market segments such as SMB

Advantages of NUWAVE’s Platforms




iPILOT offers a robust set of time-tested APIs to connect your Global Infrastructure end-to-end in minutes.


iPILOT leverages existing APIs to automate Microsoft Teams Global Provisioning through a single orchestrated workflow.


iPILOT orchestrates an Optimized Sequential Workflow that is so simple that non-technical personnel can now manage service delivery.


A Single Pane of Glass with end-to-end global control of your entire communications infrastructure with elastic, on-demand scaling.

Key Features

SYNTH Automation

Automation Features

End-to-end communications management platform that is unmatched in the industry with its high level of service availability and support.

Number activation

Direct Routing Tenant Configuration

Bulk Phone Number Assignment

MACD for Teams Voice

Carrier Management


Planning Features

Versatile Disaster Plans with flexibility to mitigate multiple forms of outages for customers. Built in PBX Assessment tools to efficiently plan your migrations.

PBX Assessment

Disaster Planning

Account Provisioning Staging

Phone Number Self-Service Porting

SYNTH Visibility


Full-service analytics and reporting features, including:

Quality of service reports

Call logs

Call Data Records

Call quality dashboard

Error Status reporting

Administration Features

Administration Features

Versatile features built into iPILOT that help you manage your phone system for Microsoft Teams.

Call Forwarding

International Calling Restrictions


Emergency Calling Services

Department Admin Role Based Access

Simple Partner Onboarding & Enablement


Join the Partner Enablement Program as an Operator Connect | Direct Routing Partner.


Welcome to the Partner Enablement Program, where you’ll get your ID to access all the resources you’ll need to service and support your customers.

Go to Market

Ensures you are ready for success aligning our services with your go to market strategies.

Onboarding Made Simple.

Taking the heavy lift out of joining the Microsoft Operator Connect Program, NUWAVE's iPILOT platform can easily integrate your own Carrier Network into the Microsoft Operator Connect ecosystem and solve for resource constraints and time-to-market. NUWAVE's iPILOT Platform is Operator Connect/ Carrier ready, so all you have to do is connect your network to ours, and the rest is done.

NUWAVE's iPILOT Platform solves for:

  • API Integration Requirements
  • Global Connectivity through MAPS
  • Single Pane OC/DR Automation & Management
  • Geo-Redundant Network Integration

Reasons to Join Operator Connect through NUWAVE

Quickly Enable your Microsoft Teams Voice Offer

Quickly Enable your Microsoft Teams Voice Offer

Quickly and easily enable your Microsoft Operator Connect Offer to increase profit and revenue by partnering with NUWAVE. Reduce your cost to manage your partners or customer and offer them a self-service solution through iPILOT.

Single Pane of Glass Management

Single Pane of Glass Management

NUWAVE is continually investing in to it’s iPILOT platform. Our latest feature named “Alliance Partner program” enables a partner to manage all their customers and channel partners inside of the iPILOT platform.

Best Solution

Offer the Best Solution in the Market

NUWAVE’s turnkey partner model takes the guesswork out of joining the Microsoft Teams Operator Connect Program, and enables Carriers & Operators with the tools and resources needed to start selling a Teams Voice service today.

“NUWAVE is focused on the simplification, automation, and innovation that enhances our partners to be successful in the ever-changing marketplace. Our goal is to enable a scalable future for all that strive to be the best in their cloud communication service offerings.”

- Mark Bunnell